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NanoVital Cell Extracts are bioactive tissue extracts that redress the physiological and biological balance of cells and lead to intense cell regeneration. The active compounds, called bio-peptides, are obtained by the nano-filtration of cell extracts derived from the tissues or organs of rabbit procured from an EU- state certified closed colony.

NanoVital Cell Extracts renew or improve the functioning of parts of the body that are injured or showing signs of deficiency. They act on the nervous system, the locomotive system, and the skin, by improving their performance which could be weakened and diminished due to illness or aging.

NanoVital Cell Extracts can be used on the skin by applying them daily near the organ to be treated, or they can be swallowed orally. The active molecules are assimilated by the body and act quickly by working on the “homing” principle: they recognize the tissues from which they originated and take themselves towards cells that are deficient or in difficulty. The bio-peptides will thus target the tissue to be regenerated, accurately and effectively, and will repair or help to replace damaged molecules with new, young, vigorous molecules.