Capital Santé

Capital Santé Group, a pharmaceutical company first established in 2003 under the name of Badr Group until the year of 2011.

The company’s main goal is to introduce to the Lebanese market new unique high-end products from international well-known suppliers all over the world; and thus succeeded to build an eminent image between its sophisticated highly- educated physicians, pharmacists, and VIP clients.


In association with medical and wellness business development teams, we strive to acquire high-quality biotechnology products from prestigious international companies to fulfill the needs of the body and soul towards creating a better quality of life.

We choose our partners from all over the world on the base of having innovative, unique, and well-developed new formulas or technologies in their products.


Achieving physical and mental health, vitality and beauty from the inside out through the creation of a culture of health.

To implement the concept of “Always 25!”- which means the possession of the health, vitality and beauty of a 25-year-old .

In the future, Capital Santé plans to promote the culture of health in other countries for the benefit of more people.

Capital Santé seek likeminded individual and corporations in the medical, aesthetic, cosmetic, wellness and fitness industries, including doctors and medical professionals, for partnership or cooperation to make Capital Santé group a true success.