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Did you know there is an innovative and non-surgical solution to brighten up your beauty in no time and for a long time?

There are many techniques aimed to fight aging. Among these, only cogged guarantee a simple and long-term solution to tissue sagging. With Spring Thread® the final result is natural with no static aspect or painful tightness. This new-generation product has many advantages:

> A biocompatible composite material: made of a polyester core covered with medical grade silicone to provide flexibility and elasticity. Meaning that the product has an excellent tolerance level and results to greater comfort (no loose anchorage or pain caused by excessive tension)

> Elasticity: long-term elasticity, compared to the loss of elasticity in classical threads, as well as positive results which continue to be effective after fitting

> Flexibility: enables easier fitting and prevents risks of thread extrusion

> Two types of thread: 0.5 mm diameter for the face and 0.8 mm for the body

> Numerous cogs and long threads (30 cm): for perfect fixation and more precise correction