Capital Santé
Nobody likes to think about the passing time and yet the aging process is already underway at age 25. Invisibly but inexorably, production of collagen and hyaluronic acid ceases. In the fight to preserve youth we want to choose safe methods giving natural results – those are the features of treatments with NEAUVIA ORGANIC. Products in the NEAUVIA ORGANIC line are used to fill defects of tissue, stimulate the production of collagen as well as improve the hydration, tension and elasticity of the skin. Thanks to these products,you will achieve a natural look, full of vitality and shine.
Neauvia Organic
NEAUVIA ORGANIC is first in the world organic line of fillers made in Italy. It was designed and produced thanks to efforts of many leading specialists in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging together with CAPITAL SANTÉ. Products from NEAUVIA ORGANIC line are using the newest technologies and were designed as a results of searching of safe and efficient solution giving natural results. CAPITAL SANTÉ is a dynamically developing company who quickly became a leader in aesthetic medicine market. Throughout the years we are delivering highest quality solutions both on the Italian and Polish market. Thanks to experience we gain in this time, we are proud to present the newest generation of fillers - NEAUVIA ORGANIC.
With your doctor’s help, you can decide which product best fits your needs.
Gain from triple innovation of NEAUVIA ORGANIC:
№ 1 -use of hyaluronic acid from the newest source guaranteeing extraordinary safe and pure product.
№ 2 -innovative addition of calcium hydroxyapatite, which stimulates connective tissue cells to produce collagen, thus improving skin elasticity.
№ 3 -replacement of traditionally used toxic substance (BDDE) with new, safe ingredient (PEG)
NEAUVIA ORGANIC products are safe, since they are prepared from the highest quality raw materials – without harmful protein residues and without usage of solvents. They are highly effective, guaranteeing immediate results in filling tissues. Thanks to cal cium hydroxyapatite addition, skin starts to produce its own collagen and the treatment effects last longer.